Exploratory Majors

An exploratory major is a collection of related academic programs

Artistic - "Creators"

Artistic personality types tend to be innovative and original. They enjoy expressing themselves and/or ideas through the arts, including drama, visual art, music, and writing. They generally prefer unstructured work where they can use their aesthetic capabilities imaginatively, and normally favor working with ideas and people as opposed to data or things. People who are Artistic types tend to be intuitive, original, expressive, innovative, idealistic, non-conforming, inventive, and imaginative. Strongly Artistic persons are often talented in one or more of the following areas: music, design, sketching, drawing, painting, sculpting, acting, interpretive reading, writing, and dancing. RECOMMENDED QL: MATH 1030

Conventional - "Organizers"

Conventional personality types tend to prefer structured activities, often working with detail involving words and/or numbers, and valuing concrete tasks and planning. They generally prefer working with data more than with ideas, people, or things. A person who is a Conventional type tends to be stable, methodical, controlled, cooperative, orderly, and conscientious. Strongly Conventional persons often have strong organizational and filing skills. They can usually be relied upon to follow through on plans, and they tend to thrive in computerized environments. RECOMMENDED QL: MATH 1050

Enterprising - "Persuaders"

Enterprising personality types tend to enjoy competitive environments, leadership, and adventure. They value ambition and setting their own agenda, and generally prefer working with people and data over ideas and things. A person who is an Enterprising type tends to take risks and be energetic, sociable, and assertive. Strongly Enterprising persons are often able to lead, influence, oversee, and organize others, thus they are attracted to the following positions: manager, producer, marketing specialist, entrepreneur, buyer, government official, and salesperson. RECOMMENDED QL: MATH 1040

Investigative - "Thinkers"

Investigative personality types tend to be analytical, intellectual, and explorative. They often have a broad range of interests, and enjoy abstract thinking, solving problems, and investigating new ideas, often related to the physical, biological, or cultural world. They normally prefer to work with ideas and things, rather than with people or data. A person who is an Investigative type tends to be reserved, independent, scholarly, logical, and curious. Strongly Investigative persons usually enjoy working independently–observing, investigating, solving problems–often, though not always, in a scientifically related area. RECOMMENDED QL: MATH 1050

Realistic - "Doers"

Realistic personality types tend to be technically, mechanically, and athletically inclined. They prefer hands-on activities, and like building, repairing, and growing things–often outdoors. They normally prefer to work with things rather than with data, people, or ideas. A person who is a Realistic type tends to be practical, frank, focused, and persistent, and they are apt to value their freedom and independence. Strongly Realistic persons usually operate tools and machinery efficiently, and enjoying working with their hands. They are often athletically oriented as well. RECOMMENDED QL: MATH 1010, 1030, or 1040 (ask an advisor)

Social - "Helpers"

Social personality types enjoy using their caregiving and emphatic skills to teach, develop, or cure others, and place a high value on social and ethical activities. They generally prefer working with people more than with data, ideas, and things. A person who is a Social type tends to be agreeable, friendly, generous, patient, understanding, and tactful. Strongly Social persons often have excellent communicative and interactive skills, specifically with respect to informing, teaching, inspiring, serving, and counseling others. RECOMMENDED QL: MATH 1030, 1040, or 1050 (ask an academic advisor)